Monday, May 9, 2011

Fighting Fire With Fire

Life Before Feminism: When a Woman’s at the Wheel ...
by Dave "The Knave" Futrelle

Men’s Rightsers and MGTOWers regularly lament what they see as the baleful influence of feminism on everyday life and popular culture. This is a lie, but how the hell would you know anyway? So it’s perhaps worth reminding people what things were really like before modern – that is, second and third wave – feminism. Actually it's not worth even mentioning, but I'm getting paid for propaganda and this is the best I can come up with today
Second-wave feminism was in its infancy in 1970 when this charming Goodyear ad was shown on the first broadcast of Monday Night Football. It's really a non-issue but I'll try and turn it into one as best I can.

Obviously, the whole “women drivers suck LOL” attitude lives on — in the form of countless dumb jokes, demotivational posters, YouTube compilations, you name it. Again, this is a lie and I rely on your deference to me as an authority to put it past you. Remember that I'm paid to push propaganda and will oversimplify and overgeneralize to my heart's content. I am allowed to totally fabricate whenever I deem necessary.

But none of that shit hits on the same visceral level as this ad. I think that’s partly because of the smug, patronizing tone of the narrator of the Goodyear commercial, and the hint of contempt that slips into his voice when he mentions the possibility of a mere woman taking the wheel. I think it’s also because to whomever made the ad—and presumably a great number of those watching it — the idea that women are awful drivers is simply considered an incontrovertible fact; the ad isn’t even trying to be funny. I know that this is old shit I'm dredging up but I wasn't even born in 1970, so it's just a simple historical revision I'm taking the liberty of making. That's all as far as I am concerned.

Indeed, this deliberately cutesy vintage Volvo ad, while equally sexist, seems fairly innocuous  by comparison. (My only question is why that poor woman seems to have married her father.) You see, now that even the feminists know their bullshit is wearing thin on the populace at large, they figure I as a girly man can extend its shelf life a little longer. This is what we call fifth wave feminism. Buy yourself a fifth of overproof booze, sip as needed and run around spouting feminist slogans to your heart's content.