Friday, December 14, 2012

Dave Shamelessly Exploits The Newtown Massacre

On his bilge pump blog [Man Boobz] today, Davey decided to use the Newtown Connecticut tragedy as a vehicle with which to launch another attack on Men's Rights Activists and on the website "A Voice for Men". We've been slimed!

True to form, Davey Gravy milks the posted opinion of one commenter to be the official platform of the entire men's movement.

Master baiter and all-around bottom feeder that he is, he thinks the majority of his readers still believe:

a.  ... he is an actual mole that has managed to infiltrate MRA sites;

b. ... the specious, sophomoric sophistry he prints passes for concrete, airtight, unassailable logic; and ...

c. ... the blatant, obsessive cherry-picking he displays doesn't lift things out of context and distort them.

As to the mole issue, MRA sites do not bar women of any affiliation from visiting them. They are free to post comments and to participate in the forums. Women, including feminists, are encouraged to join the forums and comment on the blogs. The policy is to let feminist trolls and provocateurs simply wear themselves out over time. Daveyboy is not infiltrating anything that isn't already open for view!

He IS, however, taking what his feminist obergruppenfuhrers feed him and pimping it like he's at The Hunts Point section of the Bronx. Feministas seem to consider strawman arguments a sign of forensic superiority. Arguing in a circle seems to be a favorite tactic of theirs. They love to set up their rhetoric by claiming to know in advance what their opponents are going to say.

In this case, Dave the Slave just knows poster GregA, on A Voice for Men, is going to be called nothing more than a typical feminist troll by MRA's. To refute this anticipated claim, he points out that the poster is a "regular" on AVFM, one whose previous contributions were well received by other posters. Then he dredges up memories of infamous spree-shootings from the past. Regular AVFM poster GregA, Marc Lepine, Anders Breivik, the Seal Beach shooter .... shazaam .... MRA's are a bunch of mass murderers who support shooting sprees!!!

The Big Tuna forgets the best trolls are not necessarily feminist or even female. If they are smart, they are not 'bomb throwers' either. They try to the best of their ability to fit in with the rest, often by insincerely parroting what they feel they must. Oh ... and yes, if successful, they are "regulars" on their chosen boards. 

Davey also fails to see that the cowardly potshots he likes to take at MRA's are closest in content to the mindset of spree killers than  any comparisons he has drawn. His blog is a sublimated version of spree-killing.