Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Answer, My Friend, Is Flapping In The Wind -The Answer Is Flapping In The Wind

What do you call anyone that lurks other websites, lifts snippets and snatches from them, then proceeds to use what he swiped to libel them? (I say "sleazeball turd taster".)  I know ... I know, it has to be false to be legally considered libel. My point is, if you exaggerate or distort something past a certain point, it morphs into a lie.

For example, one man on a certain site uses the term "flaps" in reference to labia, and Futrelle creates a major flap about the entire site and Men's Rights Advocates in general. He even posts a vintage picture of a 1920's "flapper" to really drive the point home. He acts as though somebody punched him in the nose so hard his ears flapped his brains out.

Personally, I've never before heard of labia referred to as flaps and don't know any other males who have either. This reference was idiosyncratic or perhaps some form of regional or subcultural slang. Have some nice flapjacks Dave. (Have Amanda make them special for you.) Anorexia will eventually do you in, boy!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Socket Puppet Central:

Dave, "D", Kave ... these are among the loyal enthusiastic followers of Man Boobz, ready to write lengthy comments that denounce MRA's in a New York nanosecond. Then there are the commentators that tapped the keyboard a few times and came up with a hodge-podge of random letters and numbers as their identification. Next come the quick, one-syllable monickers; the ubiquitous Joe and Johnny or Sal - you know, those ubiquitous Italian-american feminists!

The comments section on Man Boobz reads like the banter at a Pajama Party in which the punchbowl has been spiked, and the water pipe is being passed around and around. More chips? Where are the dips? Posting comments of course!

Dave is the master sock puppet, writing his own answers to his own articles. He gets occasional help from Amanda Marcotte and her so-called "Team Members" - Melissa McEwan, Pam Spaulding, Jill, and Samhita, to name a few. It's a put-up job all the way.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Incel: A Term Made Up By Amanda Marcotte and Pimped by Dave

Marcotte makes up a word "Incel", which means "involuntarily celibate". Dave the Dunsker claims its a word used by Mens Rights Advocates. Males apparently cannot relieve themselves without a feminist. Because they fight feminists, they are deprived of all sexual outlets and wind up celibate against their will - hopelessly and forever. Oh dear!

This awkward acronym has Marcotte written all over it. Feminists invariably project their blindspots on males carte blanche. Actually, she gets accused regularly of being devoid of sex outlets; that is, outlets that are not electrically driven or battery operated. Even her photographs show a crazed look in her eyes. If she had a sex life, she wouldn't have the time or the inclination to spout the half-assed drivel she does.

Perhaps Dave uses the term Incel and attributes it to the MRM, because he himself is involuntarily celibate ... and more than a tad cranky about it. Until he gets his well needed "proctological  craniectomy", he's doomed to remain that way. So sad!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dave's Dingleberry Definitions (Refuse To Swallow Them)

The "Man Boobz" blog purports to give those unfamiliar with the MRM their own dictionary of terms. This is a very common and very effective propaganda tactic. As goes the wording of each definition; so goes the impression it conveys to its readers. Combine your wording with projection (imputing to others your own unconscious behavior) and you have an extremely good propaganda weapon in your arsenal.

For instance, Mr. Dave defines the MRM using the terms retrograde, reactionary and rabid. In point of fact, the MRM is a relatively recent development; a response to the rabid, retrograde and reactionary rhetoric, still spewed by 21st-century women, who are still copying 19th-century Marxist/Communist ideology (ex.,women = the proletariat, and men = the bourgeoisie).

This guy simply assumes control of MRA vocabulary and does with it whatever he wants. His version of the word Mangina is an excellent example: Men who disagree with him. The rest he leaves up to the reader to provide, by way of "various connotations".

This is precisely the number one forensic tactic used by radical feminists. They frequently rely on that which can be emotionally inferred from a declarative sentence to make their point (ex: "Somebody here obviously has 'issues' concerning anger!").

Mangina refers to a male who tucks his genitals between his thighs to give the illusion of a vagina. He is an ersatz woman and, as such, a crude imposter.

I Gotcha Man Boobz Right Here!

I'm hiding Dave in the fold of my belly button

Hiding Behind Henry Makow!

Dr. Makow: perpetually exposing the New World Order/Illuminati paparazzi and somehow never ending up in the hospital, the morgue or among the missing. What's that tell ya?

Dave trots him out as an example of the consummate Men's Rights Advocate, so he can use the terms crackpot or crack pottery in association with Men's Rights Movement.

Henry Makow is not a featured speaker at any MRA events. Nor does he post on any MRA blogs or forums of which I am currently aware. He is never referenced by any MRA's or held up as a spokeman for the cause.

Dr. Makow is simply treated as a man who is entitled to his opinions and free to publish them as he sees fit. If you happen to be into Illuminati/NWO stuff, he's the go-to guy.

Any references to his articles in relation to MRA's is not only a cheesy tactic, but one that's so old it's grown mold on it.